A Northern Light Study Guide

Topics: A Northern Light, Grace Brown, Chester Gillette Pages: 3 (2335 words) Published: April 30, 2013
A Northern Light Study Guide1. There are 4 significances pertaining why there are words serving asheadings throughout A Northern Light. The first significance is that these words were Mathilda Gokey's "words of day". Moreover, each day, Mattie would select a word from the dictionary, look it up, and memorize it. The second significance is that they describe how Mattie Gokey feels throughout the situation she becomes involved in during that individual chapter. In addition, the words also describe how Mattie goes about a situation. The fourth and final significance is that the words describe someone or something else that is involved in the same situation as Mattie. They are why the words that serve as headers have significance in A Northern Light.2. Mrs. Hennessey, also known as Cook, portrays herself as a person whois persistent with barking orders repeatedly and does not think twice about blurting a rude comment on the occasion, she is also thoughtful and comforting. For example, when Weaver was deeply saddened by what the trappers had done to his home, Cook took it upon herself to make him his favourite pie. Another example is when it was Mattie's birthday. Cook managed to put together a thoughtful surprise party just when Mattie almost came to the conclusion that her co-workers had forgotten about her. Cook is important because she is one of the characters who bring reality into the light of the other characters, like Weaver. When Weaver was beaten and began to pout about it, Cook told him that he cannot sit around pouting because that is not going to help his situation. All in all, Cook would be a good person to be acquainted with. Weaver Mattie's best friend. Not only that, but he is extremely caring, smart and determined to make the best of himself and Mattie Gokey. For instance, he was the one who gave Mattie the opportunity to get into Barnardby handing her composition book over. Weaver is determination, has great intellect, in which, he wants to use...
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