A Noiseless Spider Biogaphy/Analysis

Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: November 7, 2011
“A Noiseless Patient Spider,” By Walt Whitman
Born on May 31, 1819, in West Hills, Long Island, New York, Walt Whitman was a poet whose verse collection Leaves of Grass is a landmark in American literature. Whitman's aim was to transcend traditional epics, eschew normal aesthetic form, and reflect American society to enable the poet and his readers to realize themselves and the nature of their American experience. Whitman's greatest theme is a symbolic identification of the regenerative power of nature with the deathless divinity of the soul. His poems are filled with a religious faith in the processes of life, particularly those of fertility, sex, and the “unflagging pregnancy” of nature: sprouting grass, mating birds, phallic vegetation, the maternal ocean, and planets in formation. At the time of his death Whitman was more respected in Europe than in his own country. It was not as a poet, indeed, but as a symbol of American democracy that he first won recognition. In the late 19th century his poems exercised a strong fascination on English readers who found his championing of the common man idealistic and prophetic. After his death on March 26, 1892, Whitman was buried in a tomb he designed and had built on a lot in Harleigh Cemetery. Thesis: In “The Noiseless patient Spider,” by Walt Whitman the poem uses diction, imagery, alliteration, and metaphors as the author compares a spider to a human soul as they are the same in a way. * It first describes a spider that is standing on a rock, then the spider explores its large surrounding by shooting its web into the unknown. * In the second stanza he (the author) starts talking about his soul in line 6. This is where the shift is. * The soul is alone and is always thinking, taking risks, and searching for something else in the emptiness to connect to. * The imagery used to capture the speakers feelings on the state of a soul through the metaphor. * What I got from this poem is that he...
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