"A Night of Terror: an Abduction Experience

Topics: Abu Sayyaf, Psychological trauma, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 11 (4041 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Chapter l


Background of the Study

Being abducted is a traumatic experience that can haunt a victim for the rest of their life while nothing can guarantee a safe outcome. Generally, abduction is a political and social weapon as well as a pure crime of violence and intimidation. Its victims seldom retain their life or sanity. In one sense, abduction is the ultimate crime. It has the simple, indecent clarity of a knife held over the jugular vein. The mere seizure of a victim for the extortion of a healthy price slides back deep into history. Abduction is worse in some ways than many murders. Sometimes murder is a crime of passion, of sudden impulse, or even drunken or drugged incomprehension. But abduction is premeditated, preplanned, and ruthless. And when plans go awry, quite often the only way out, it would seem to the criminals involved, is to murder the victim. Moreover, one of the most tragic and horrible experience in the case of kidnapping is Paul A. Getty, the grandson of oil billionaire who was kidnapped in Rome last July 9,1978 was held five months and five days in huts and caves in the wilder, remoter areas of the Italian country. He was blindfolded, tortured and also suffered hemorrhage on his head. He did not move for about ten days but manage to survive until he was released after the demanded ransom was paid to the abductors (Wikipedia, 2008). Recently, there were vastly number of cases of kidnapping. One of the latest kidnapping cases was the horrible experience of a T.V journalist reporter, Ces Drilon, and two of her crew members, who was abducted by alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu last June 8, 2008. Describing their experienced as “horrifying,” Drilon said they were tied by their “bandit” captors, allegedly belonging to the Al-Qhadafi faction of Abu Sayyaf, who made them to sleep on hammocks or directly on the ground, and was fed noodles divided among the four of them. With her face, arms and legs covered with mosquito bites, she said: “While we condemn the kidnapping, it also opened our eyes to the conditions and saw why they think that way. There is an environment that makes them like that (Arab News, 2008). In the Philippines, kidnapping for ransom activities perpetrated by criminal groups, became quite sophisticated, including obtaining inside information about net worth of assets and knowing which families were holding large sums of cash. Their targets include local and foreign tourists and Chinese-Filipino (“Chinoy”) nationals. (Philippine Center on Transnational Crime, 2004). In Davao City, the crime rate of abduction is at its remarkable all-time low because of the controversial city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s "Dirty Harry" brand of enforcing law (Moral, 2008). However, the mayor cannot protect its citizen from time to time. Renato Tan, a Davao businessman was grabbed while driving his car with his daughter heading from home about 6:30 p.m. and demanded 10 million pesos in ransom money for his release (Cael, 2003). We choose this challenging study which was entitled A NIGHT OF TERROR: AN ABDUCTION EXPERIENCE because we aimed to know what would be the experiences of the victims of abduction, the possible effects of that traumatic situation and its implications towards the victims life and to the society that we are living in. We are encourage in doing this study because we are alarmed in the outcropping crime of abduction for reasons more complex than the simple extortion contained in “your money, or this life”.

Purpose of the Study

This study entitled A NIGHT OF TERROR: AN ABDUCTION EXPERIENCE specifically tends to answer the following objectives: 1) Describe the experiences of the kidnap victims; 2) Identify the various effects of the incident to the kidnap victims; 3) Determine the kidnap victims coping strategies; 4) Determine the safety measures; and 5) Identify the Laws and Penalties towards abduction.

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