A Nice Moroccan Cup of Tea in the Style of George Orwell

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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A nice cup of Moroccan tea

One of the things which characterize cultures alongside clothes, arts and the historical background is tea; you’ll find it in almost every country though its recipe might differ from one place to another. In Morocco; tea is as common as water and it’s used in almost all occasions. Yet each region and I might even say each family has got special details concerning the making of the “perfect cup of tea”. Here are my instructions * The one and only utensil to be used in making a true Moroccan tea is the “Brrad “which looks something like the wonderful lamp of Aladdin, only shorter. * Some people tend to put leaves of wormwood, which give the tea a bitter taste, others put lemon verbena leaves to get their relaxing effect, but I won’t accept any herbals in my tea other than peppermint leaves; their sweet smell and strong flavor makes the tea even more enjoyable. * Moroccan Sahara people are famous for their dark, bitter, sour tea, apparently they use a massive quantity of Chinese tea, and let it boil for ages, To be honest I don’t see what they like in it, I prefer it light ;therefore, two spoons of tea can be more than sufficient. * I usually put two soup spoons of sugar. If the tea is too sweet it loses its flavor and the only thing we taste is sugar, but a sour tea can also be unbearable. * Never be tempted by the media and mix your tea with milk, there are special recipes for this kind of beverage. All you’ll end up with is a bizarre looking tea, which will make you want to vomit after the first gulp. * Unless you’ll be drinking it with something salty, it’s always better to enjoy your cup of tea alone, with no cookies, though most of the occasions now indicate the opposite. I know people may disagree on some of these instructions if not all of them, but the point of making a cup of tea is to enjoy it; therefore, one must choose the recipe which will make the tea drinking an unforgettable experience....
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