A Nice Citizen

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  • Published : September 2, 2013
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A NICE CITIZEN – Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's poem ‘A Nice Citizen’ or ‘Letter to the Teacher’ gives us first hand experience of reading a hundred Zen stories or Panchathanthra Kathakal. The poem aims at the overall development of not only a child but also to improve the better qualities hidden in our mind. Even though it is in a form of letter addressed to a teacher, it actually points to the present condition of society also and all people must follow these good qualities. Then only our society will become a trouble free society and an apt example of universal brotherhood. Each line carries worthwhile meanings. In the opening phase of the poem we can see his comment about people that all men neednot be of justifiable character. His comment about politicians reminds us about the behavior of present day politicians. He says that there are also dedicated leaders among them. We know the secret or truth behind a laugh. A laugh may change or reduce the anger of a person, if he is in real anger. That’s why he says it is better to wear a smile on our face. He also informs us the necessity of reading by commenting on the wonder of books. Because books can change one’s destiny. ‘Wings of Fire’ and ‘Ignited Minds’ by A P J Abdul Kalam are examples for this. Reading improves a person’s all round qualities. Another remarkable idea is not to follow the crowd and do not accept what the crowd says. One must make one’s own assumptions on various matters and practice it. Only an experienced man can perform well in difficult situations or he must work hard to achieve success in his life. That is why he commented that only a test of fire makes fine steel. Only a hard working person can achieve his dream or travel towards his destined aim. The poet never forgets to remind us about the necessity of humanitarian values and thoughts in us. Towards the end of the poem, he advises us, to keep strong faith in one’s own abilities and talent. After reading this poem we can understand...
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