A New Work Ethic: Comparison and Contrast Between Structural Functionalism and Conflict Theory

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Education Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: October 25, 2011

Comparison and contrast between structural functionalism and conflict theory. Structural functionalism and conflict theory are theoretical perspectives forming main theories of sociology of education. Sociology of education is the study of how individual experiences and public institution experiences effects education and outcomes. It is mostly concerned with public education system of informal industrial societies, including expansion of higher education, adult education and continuing education. Education is fundamentally optimistic human endeavor characterized by aspiration for progress and betterment. It is the means of overcoming handicapped, achieving greater quality, acquiring wealth and social status. It is where children develop their potential and the best means of achieving greater social equality. The social system serves the function of intergrating individuals with one another into life shared with other individuals. Individual experiences and public institution experiences can be analyzed in separate system. ” structural functionalism links key social structures with manifest and latent function that help maintain social structural arrangements in our society. Ashford B, Winston L and Kathy L. (2009; 184.) Structural functionalism see society as leaning on equilibrium and social orders, as if society is like human body in which educational institutions forms basic organs which keep the society/body totally healthy. Social health means social order which is guaranteed when everyone accept to live by the moral values of heir society. Hence structural functionalists believe that the objective of key institutions such as educational institutions is to socialize children, teenagers and students. This is because different generations in modern institutions require learning new knowledge, attitudes and values that they will need to be productive citizen in the coming...
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