A New Pattern of Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: April 25, 2013
We are living in a constantly changing society, where new marriage patterns emerge and needs the reinforcement of its values. Whereas marriage as an institution has traditionally been defined between a woman and a man, different kinds of families can share the same values and responsibilities.(Obama, 2009) To deny homosexual couples the right to get married may give the wrong impression of gay families’ inferiority and can raise discrimination against the entire family(Olson 2010) who by the fact of not being married may lack benefits related to lawfully established families like health insurance, or inheritance, and automatic custody of children in case of one of the partners death.(Bolte 1998) Although same sex marriage has massive controversy, same sex unions should be unanimously legalized to reinforce the right to build a family that is lawfully recognized on society,(Obama 2009) the values of freedom and equality, and the right to carry out specific jobs like teachers or scoutmasters military, for examples. (Herek and Aaron 2005) Marriage is a privilege that shouldn’t be denied to anyone; moreover, same sex marriage should be seen as simple as a vision through the eyes of a young child. (The War Over Gay Marriage 2003) Although, various states are trying to create new laws to prohibit the union of two people of the same sex using federal laws instead of promoting equality, over the past two decades people have changed the idea of gay relationships giving a majority of support to same sex marriage.(Bolte 1998) While heterosexual couples can argue that marriage has the purpose of procreating and raising their own children to make society stronger, new emerging gay couples can adopt and raise children in the same way heterosexual couples do giving more opportunities of having a home to millions of orphans that otherwise, wouldn’t have a family willing to have them as their own children.(Drew Barrymore 2010) Governments should turn their eyes to the education...
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