A New Nation: America after the Revolutionary War

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Tommy West 10/22/11 APUSH A New Nation Following the Revolutionary War, America faced many challenges in becoming an independent country. This young nation was forced to deal with many pressing issues concerning the formation of a new government as well as the economic decisions that go along with it. It could be said, that during this “New Nation” period of American history, the Unites States was a nation full of potential and bursting with promise. In each aspect of society, such as political, economic, and social factors, America made vast improvements and left the nation in a very optimistic state looking towards the future. Throughout this period, America was able to successfully expand the power of the federal government without it reverting back to a tyrannical government. Each president was able to contribute to the steady rise of the country. Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first secretary of the treasury, deeply influenced the beginning of America’s economic plans. When the need for improved transportation finally came to light for many politicians, the economy truly began to boom transforming the type of economic system in place. Through different purchases as well as treaties, America greatly expanded is boundaries well into the Western part of North America. This left acre upon acre of fertile farmland and many settlers began to migrate out west. In 1788, George Washington received the unanimous support of the electoral college and became the first president of the United States of America. Washington knew that many feared the existence of a strong republic in a large territory. To diminish these fears, he brought the new federal government to them, on his grand trips of the country allowing ordinary men and women to...
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