A New Life Essay

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A New Life

Hopefully everyone can relate to a significant event in their life. Something that might have created a big deal of emotions, perhaps sad or happy. For example; forever bonding with a partner by legally marrying, or maybe the joy of knowing that after all those hard sleepless nights you’re being rewarded a lot more of those not by one, but two little twins, or maybe, “just maybe” you might have been one of those lucky lottery players that has the chance to spend the rest of your life spending. But not me. One significant moment that changed the course of my life was getting hired by Homestead Hospital.

For an event to be significant it must have some kind of value to you. At that point of my life that moment had a tremendous value because it not only rescue me from this choppy glass of water in where I was drowning and even though there was not enough water to relieve my thirst I was drowning in it, but it also gave me an opportunity to pursue my goals. Something that I was starting to feel the sense of never being able to do. The reason was; I had just found out that I was going to be a Daddy at the age of 19 and if that was not enough I was handed the ultimate ultimatum, a letter of “termination”. Termination! From where? Well if I know your question then you must know the answer. From my job. A job that was second to school but after the wonderful news of being a daddy it was telling school to move back one spot.

It all started after a few days with no sleep, after a few days of driving, calling and more importantly a lot of rejections. In no point in life I had felt so miserably impotent and what at first started as days turned to weeks in a hurry. I had started to lose it when I received a call from a young lady from Homestead Hospital. She said she worked with Human Resources and politely asked me if I was still interested in the position I had applied for. For a second I talked to myself, and for a second I felt offended. But......
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