A New Information System for Prism Glass

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Prism Glass is converting to a new information system. To expedite and speed up implementation, the CEO asked your consulting team to postpone establishing standards and controls until after the system is fully operational. How should you respond to the CEO’s request?

The consulting team should strongly advise the CEO that postponing standards and controls is not advisable. Rather than save time and money, the company will probably lose time in the future when unanticipated problems and weaknesses arise due to the lack of standards and controls. The following are reasons why performance standards and control procedures should be established before the system becomes operational: •Internal control considerations must be taken into account when assigning job responsibilities. •Job descriptions and work schedules must include the various control procedures. •Performance standards associated with each position must be considered when selecting personnel to operate the system. •Documentation standards and data security provisions must be formulated before the system can be operational. •Error checks must be built into all computer software systems. •Procedures for guiding users and operators through the system and the various error conditions must be established before the users and operators begin working with the new system. •If the information system is not properly controlled, the information it produces will be of little value. Controls must be built into the system to ensure its effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy.

22.2When a company converts from one system to another, many areas within the organization are affected. Explain how conversion to a new system will affect the following groups, both individually and collectively.

The following are possible responses to each of the five areas:

a.Personnel: Employees will be affected in at least two important ways.

1.They may be reluctant to accept the new system. They may...
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