A New Hope for Artificial Intelligence

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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A “New Hope” for Artificial Intelligence
Automation ethics and robotics rights are becoming issues in the artificial intelligence arena with the preponderance of research being essentially hypothetical. Regrettably the professed abundance of research in cognitive technology safety is misleading and offers a foretaste that is capitalized by the entertainment industry. Hollywood hotshots provide a distraction from our monotonous life with fantasy diversion with the likes of Back to the Future trilogy, the Matrix pentalogy, and Star War hexology series. The latter, Star Wars, attempts to refute the lack of universal ethical norms in society. Human-shaped robots (3CPO) programmed for ethical and protocol intentions. This robot seems to have passed the Moral Turing Test and exhibited human-like behavior to the point of volunteering to donate his electronic organs (circuits) to revive another droid, R2D2 . Given that removing 3CPO’s organs is potentially detrimental to his safety, is this considered unethical if his request were honored? Conversely, a preponderance of the artificial intelligence in the movie was programed as “tools” and “slaves”, carrying out mundane everyday functions. Unethical? The Death Star, termed a “technological terror” by Darth Vader, has a devastating effect and would be categorized as dangerous technology in today’s environment. The mind probed, with its four-inch puncture needle, was utilized by Darth Vader in trying to obtain information from Princess Leah. (I assuming water-boarding was out-lawed.) Droids (R2D2) “hacking” into the Death Star systems to obtain private information as to the location of Princess Leah, and modifying the actions of the system by stopping the walls from crushing the group in the trash collection room. All these topics are considered unethical in todays’ social interactions. As we press forward towards the future, Star Wars reminds us that no matter how successful we are at designing...