A New Era of Slave Trade: Human Trafficking

Topics: Slavery, Human trafficking, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: February 21, 2012
There is a dark side of human interaction, a human institution that for centuries has been called slavery. Slavery is a fearful concept; it is as fearful as rape and even murder. Slavery is outlawed in many nations, but human trafficking remains to this day. Human trafficking is an abuse of power of position over vulnerable human beings for the purpose of exploitation. So has slavery really ended, or has humanity allowed it to evolve into different forms? The word represents an explosive concept in our nation’s history. It is one so powerful that we feel its reverberations today. To the vicious, the word is exciting, but to the compassionate, the word is deadening. And now the word’s reverberations begin to ring louder, resonating from what is being called “the largest human trafficking case in US history.” According to a woman named Clare Hanusz, we may have even tasted the by-products of it. Claire Hanusz is an attorney based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her practice focuses on immigration and nationality laws and civil rights.

"There's a good chance that all of us, over the past few years, have purchased fruits or vegetables or coffee that were harvested by some of these guys, there's a very good chance", Hanusz said in an interview with ABC. Hanusz tipped the FBI to a situation happening in Hawaii where people were allegedly lured away from Thailand by the promises of wealth and fortune. Instead, the article reads, they were met with poverty, separated from their passports, and forced into hard labor on farms with “little to no pay.” Kevin Bales an expert on modern slavery states “Slavery is what slavery's always been: About one person controlling another person using violence and then exploiting them economically, paying them nothing. That's what slavery's about.”

“Not For Sale,” or NFS, a campaign group advocating the abolition of this modern slavery, says on their website that there are over 30 million slaves in the world today. And by “slavery” too often we...
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