A New Ending to the Lord of the Flies

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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The New Ending to the Lord of the Flies
I turned around for just a split second, just enough time to see the fire start to get out of control. I ran till I came to a clearing, with a pig’s scull. As I came to the other side of the clearing I tore the stick out of the ground and through the rotten head across the field. I heard a noise behind me; I turned and saw Roger with another stick that is sharpened at both ends. With the stick that held the Lord of the Flies rotted head, I headed toward him with revenge in mind. He killed Piggy, and helped kill Simon, he should die too. Instead of coming at me, like I thought he would he ran the opposite direction and started screaming at the top of his lungs. By now the fire was out of control; it was racing down the mountain side, faster than fast. I started to run again, this time I was running toward the beach. “I need to get the littluns to safety” I said to myself.

I ran and ran to the beach and went to grab the conch were it should have been; but I stopped myself. The conch is gone just like Piggy. Shattered, into a million pieces. I fell to the ground with exhaustion and grief. I could feel the heat of the fire coming nearer and nearer. As Jacks hunters came closer to me I heard them chanting a different chant. I could have sworn that I hear Jack screaming in pain. Someone burst out of the trees, screaming in pain. “Jack,” I said to myself as I looked to see if I was right. Sure enough I was right, but this was worse than I imagined, he was on fire! Half of his body was burnt. He looked at me with a sad, hurt look. He ran past me and jumped into the ocean.

Jack never resurfaced, and I wasn’t about to go and get him. I heard more screaming behind me. I knew they were coming after me so I ducked down and tried to not move. Maybe they won’t notice me. It must have been ten minutes before I heard any noise coming out of the forest. But as everyone gathered around me it became silent.

“Is everything all...
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