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  • Published: May 12, 2013
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Brian Richter
MGMT 3680
MW 9:30

Google: A New Approach to China

This article discusses the possibilities of Google pulling their business practices out of the China due to Google Executives in the United States wanting to operate an “unfiltered” search engine within Chinese boundaries and within Chinese law. With this being affected, Google executives are re-thinking their presence in the foreign land. I have to imagine that Goggle has reviewed the business affects that would affect them if they were to pull out of China. What they might lose in China for now, could possibly enhance their reputation elsewhere - particularly given how they've come under increased criticism in a wide range of other fields. This decision whether intentionally so or in keeping with their stated mission is highly symbolic. Since the accounts of human rights activists were the ones targeted, this operation was clearly done at the command of the Chinese Government; as this would not be the first time that the Chinese officials have done such a thing. I'm outraged at the levels to which the Chinese Government can stoop. It is time the world stands up to China. If a corporation, whose main aim is to generate profits, could abandon them and take a moral high ground why can't the government do it? Are the cheap goods from china SO necessary for us? Being an idealist, I want to believe, and I think there's a good probability that Google doing the right thing here, will mean greater profits now and in the future…..it must. As a company, Google has aspired to make information available to users everywhere, including China. It's why they’ve worked so hard to keep Google.cn alive, as well as to continue research and development work in China. This new approach is consistent with Google’s commitment not to self censor anything, anywhere. I believe that Google’s way of announcement is very acceptable. The statement, written by a Google Executive and Chief Legal Officer, provides...
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