A Never Ending Story

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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A Never Ending Story

The year is 2316, two hundred years ago an atomic war between the old United States of America and China, in response to North Korea’s nuclear facilities, which were aided by China in the years prior, left the world a miserable ashtray in which all life that is left is either mutated or needs a special rebreather to remove the radiation from the air before inhaling. The human population that survived did so by living in bunkers miles under the Earth’s crust and when they emerged, they recreated the human empire and have been researching and exploring ancient libraries and museums to find out what life was like before he bombs fell.

I was in an ancient city called Buenos Aires, when my team and I discovered an unexplored library. Our mission was to gather all books and other sources of information that hasn’t been destroyed by the radioactive decay. There wasn’t much to be found, but when I searched the basement there was a gem hidden in the ashes. On a shelf so old it looked as if it were made of rust, behind a pile of ashes I found the most well preserved specimen I had ever seen. A book that looked older than what we consider old. Ancient to the ancients. I was mesmerized by it’s simplicity and heftiness. We were not allowed to read anything we found, only collect it and return it to headquarters, but I couldn’t resist. I opened the octavo bound marvel and tried to flip to the first page, only I was unable to. A similar result came from the last page. I flipped it open to a page in the middle, which was numbered somewhere in the hundred thousands in very odd shapes I had never seen. I turned the page and saw the number was significantly smaller. Aloud I expressed my astonishment, and a team member of mine came running to the basement. I hid the book quickly in my pouch and said it was nothing. I didn’t dare open the book again until I reached my home in New New Minnesota, weeks later. I didn’t understand. How could this impossibility...
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