A Negative Outlook vs. a Positive Outlook on Life

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Topic: "A Negative Outlook on Life Vs. A Positive Outlook on Life" Thesis statement-
My topic is a’ Negative Outlook on Life Vs. A Positive Outlook on Life’. It is the study on the differences of having negative/ positive thinking –1. What it does to the human mind and health 2. The outcome of a way a person thinks and response. 3. How to change your thinking to be more disciplined. 4. The difference of having a positive outlook on life and how it can make a person’s life much better.

"A Negative Outlook Vs. A Positive Outlook on Life"

Negative thinking is a way of thinking that only bad things may happen. A definition for the negative would be not positive, without affirmative statement or demonstration, indirect; a negative argument, a negative morality, negative criticism, a negative opinion. (Brainy Quote, 2011)

Positive thinking just means that you approach the unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst. Positive thinking can be more like having a outlook on life as a pessimistic because if your thoughts are mostly positive than your likely to be an optimist which is someone who practices positive thinking. One thing that might help to be a positive thinker is to use a process called “Thought- stopping” this helps you change how you think so you feel better by changing your thinking it will take some time. You need to try practicing thought-stopping everyday in which if a negative thought begins to come your way you are able to just stop for a minute and get control of your mind and make yourself think positive instead an after a while you will be able to stop unwanted thoughts right away much faster.(WebMD, 2011

The negative outlook cripples the human spirit whereas the positive outlook strengthens the human spirit. It seems that most of the time there is more effect on the superior side of things when the positive over...
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