A Need for Greater Sports Injury Prevention

Topics: Injuries, Concussion, American football Pages: 9 (3123 words) Published: April 12, 2013
A Need for Greater Sports Injury Prevention
Most know how important it is to be mentally healthy while participating in any competition. But in sports competition, it may just be more important to be physically healthy in order to compete at a productive, truly competitive level. As the competition in sports from pee-wee football leagues all the way through professional and international athletics increases, so too do the amount of injuries and magnitude of these injuries. Due to a more competitive sporting atmosphere along with the development of a continually bigger, stronger, and faster class of athletes, new technologies and equipment need to be developed. Also, a broad range of athletes and sports must be considered. Just as times must continually change to accommodate for the rapid growth throughout the nation, so too must sports change to accommodate for the rapid expansion of sports and the rise in athletic competition. Sports injury must be discussed as to how prominent injuries are caused in order to define what must be done to develop new technology. In order to discuss sports injury, it first needs to be given more recognition throughout all skill levels in order to protect athletes. Defining Specific Sports Injury

Sports injury is a topic continuously being studied in order to provide new information that will help to prevent injury to athletes in the future. Before new practices can be put in place, sports injury must be studied in order to define specific injuries and which are most prominent and need more attention. And in today’s sporting events, the most prevalent injuries are sprains and strains and knee injuries – in no specific order (“Sports Injuries”). Sports injury is continually becoming more and more of an issue. High school athletes are losing college scholarships, college athletes are losing any chance to eventually play professional sports, and professional athletes are often seeing a halt in their careers due to detrimental injuries.

After a dominating season by one of the top running backs in Division I college football, Marcus Lattimore, a true freshman, had a lot of potential in his near future. As a sophomore at South Carolina, he suffered a season ending injury to his left knee, and in his very next, optimistic season, Lattimore eventually suffered a, what seemed to be, injury to his other knee that would prevent him from ever playing football again. Now, rather than being a projected first round draft pick his freshman season, Lattimore is entering the NFL draft three years later with no idea as to where he will be drafted (Kadar). As seen with Marcus Lattimore’s college career, knee injury is a serious issue that could cost an athlete millions of dollars in salary money, or even worse…an entire career.

As prominently seen, twice, in Marcus Lattimore’s short career at the South Carolina, the knee is a highly vulnerable spot for injury – especially in stop-and-go sports like football, soccer, or basketball. With multiple ligaments connecting the upper portion of the leg to the lower, along with a required flexible bending motion, the knee takes a lot of stress in sports in which constant moving and direction change is prominent. Knee problems are another injury that often affects people of any age – athletes and non-athletes. Knee problems, a very broad range of sports injury, are a very common injury and occur when the muscle tissue or tendons that help the knee function become diseased or injured.

Another even more prominent sports injury is a sprain or strain. Because of the likeness between the cause of sprains and strains, the two are often grouped together as one category. The difference between a sprain and strain is that a strain deals with the effect on tendons and muscles while a sprain deals with ligaments. Strains and sprains occur when a muscle, tendon, or ligament stretches more than it is intended to. Oftentimes, this happens because the body is not properly...
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