A Natural Leader

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18 October 2012

Alexander the Great’s Military Accomplishments
There is only one other man who is written about in at the level of Jesus Christ, his name was Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great is one of the most told about, and written about Kings of the ancient world. Not only was he a vastly loved and appreciated leader to his army but he was a conqueror of much of his known world. His military genius and tactics, even at his young age of attaining the throne from his father Philip II after he was assassinated, were unrivaled resulting in him never to lose a battle.

Alexander the Great had no easy time upon his ascent to the throne, the authors said “He had to put down the revolts that erupted immediately after Philip’s death-notably at Thebes.” (Cole, Symes, Coffin, and Stacey 90) The dispute in Thebes was settled when Alexander the Great punished them by tearing down their walls. Two years after Alexander had settled all the unrest in his new kingdom he turned his sights on Darius III and his kingdom of Persia.

The kingdom of Persia was led by Darius III, the authors state “Darius III was a minor member of the royal family who had been placed on the throne after a palace coup.” (Cole, Symes, Coffin, and Stacey 90). Darius had ascended the throne the same year as Alexander but at the much older age of 45 in comparison to Alexander at the age of 20Darius’ first mistake was Cuervo 2

that he and his advisors refused to take Alexander seriously even though they suffered defeat at the hands of the Greeks in the past. Perhaps it was their sheer numbers that kept the Persians from seeing past their ego’s and not understand the aim of Alexander the Great.

Alexander’s conquest began with a victory at Anotlia; this was near the field that the battle of Troy took place...
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