A National Identity Crisis- Research Paper

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  • Published : November 10, 2011
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A National Identity Crisis?
Humans from various parts of the globe, including the Western hemisphere, arrived tens of thousands of years ago. These people belonged to different cultures, different groups, and spoke different languages. They settled in places where they could find water and food. It’s often thought that migration and immigration are the same and immigration came out of migration, which is NOT true. During seasons, birds migrate from one place to another. Once the season is over, they come back to their home. People from Mexico get into the United States during the harvest season and once their job is complete, they return home. If these Mexicans did not go back, but established a residence in the United States, then they become immigrants. Initially when the United States was being formed, most of the people were only settlers. As a result, there were no stringent rules to prevent any illegal immigration. People who inhibited and occupied a certain area became the owners of that area. The most prominent of them, either by wealth or power, was proclaimed as the leader of the group. These descendants were so powerful that when new migrants were seen, they could capture them and convert them to slavery. Moreover, they invaded nearby islands and open lands and by force captured the native people to be used as slaves to work in the fields and the homes. At one point, when the settlers had to fight for their rights against the British, they formed reasonable colonies and tried to establish a united society. Their primary aim was to get the country freed from the British, excluding people, who they deemed undesirable and regulate the flow of new people in the nearby future. These people, who freed the country, called themselves as citizens of America and they saw all newcomers as immigrants.

The slaves who toiled during the American Revolution were granted freedom as a token of gratitude. These slaves were the first recognized immigrants. Most of the migrants who came in did not return to their homeland, as their homeland was not rich enough to provide farming land and other natural resources. As these migrants came from different sectors of the globe, various industries and farming started to flourish in the United States. Rapid growth in the rate of these migrants raised concerns within people who called themselves as citizens as they thought that these more skilled migrants would rob their chances. As these migrants came from different societies, there was always one animosity or another between them, which often led to violence. This also made the citizens really think about bringing in some discipline in the form of rules and regulations on migrating to the United States. Basically, all the people were subject to some sort of examination. Most of these immigrants have come to the United States in the hopes of improvising their lifestyle, and none wanted to stoop down unless it was really required. As most of the people were attached to some popular religions, sectors based on religion were also formed. During the early 19th century, the basic rules for immigration were developed, which described the process of processing migrants as immigrants and also limit the size of annual migrations. Immigration, in the United States, has been a precarious issue for a long time. The first people to settle the colonies, the colonists, came to this country for many of the same reasons people today immigrate here. However, the issue of identity has been a highly debated issue. While the immigrants can help to boost the economy and give back to the country, should they be allowed the privilege to call themselves Americans? The two major sides in this debate are one side being that ONLY legal immigrants should be allowed this honor, while the other side is that no immigrant should be given this honor. The truth, though tactless, is that America would not be where it is today if immigrants had...
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