A Narrative of My Experience in Attending the Recruitment Interview Orientation

Topics: Question, Visayas State University, Leyte Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: March 2, 2013
A narrative of my experience in attending the recruitment interview orientation

When I came in the mini-conference room, they have already started. I was just informed by Sir Along, the supervisor, that I would be joining them so I was not prepared. When I entered, I guess they were already prepared. I introduced myself and sat beside a Management trainee. The room was a small room with a conference table at the center. There’s a glass board at one side but I guess we are not going to use it today. The facilitator was at one side with her back facing at the board. Each of them was holding a folder except from the facilitator. It is the same as the one I am holding which was given by Sir Along. Ma’am Venus was the facilitator. I think she’s also new in the office. Maybe it was her first job after graduation. Sir Junie, a Management Trainee, was sitting next to me. He graduated from Holy Name University taking up BS in Education major in Mathematics. He was a funny type of person. He kept the room jolly for the rest of the session. Ma’am joy, another MT, was the one sitting in front of me. She’s a graduate of BS Animal Science from Visayas State University in Visca, Baybay, Leyte. She had been a student trainee at the Marcela Farms owned by the Alturas Group of Companies for one semester. When she graduated, she was absorbed by the company through the help of the supervisor at the farm. The one sitting beside her was Sir Dony. He is also an Education graduate at Holy Name University. The objective of the session is to orient us about how to do an interview properly. Every MT must undergo the said orientation so that they can officially interview an applicant. As I said before, they had already started when I entered so I need to catch up. They are already at the second page and the second part of the session; the interview proper. The first part was the planning of the interview. It is the part where you observe the resume and the application form of the...
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