A Mundane Product or Service Costing Less Than $5.

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A mundane product or service costing less than $5.

Ms. Swathi calls for Maggi noodles almost every time someone returns from India or when she goes home. As she lives is a shared accommodation she turns to instant noodles whenever she and her friends want to have something quick which wouldn't force them to do a lot of cleaning afterwards. All of them generally decide on Maggi, as they all have grown up eating Maggi. They do not remember since when, but all are accustomed to the taste and they term it to be – like no other.

She describes her association with Maggi as a very casual one. Of late, she has tried some other instant noodles on advice of her sister, and liked it. But the question of switching doesn't arise as she can pick up any she feels like on a given day.

Sometimes when Maggi noodles is not available, for Ms. Swathi it makes little difference as she picks up some other brands – preferably Smith & Jones. Maggi has also introduced a lot many flavors since she started having them, but none of them have the appeal of the original. She would actually pick Smith & Jones or Top Raman over any of them.

Ms. Swathi is certainly satisfied with the product, and shows a marked preference to the original flavor. But it doesn't make her pick other Maggi products, or even Nestle products. Till recently she wasn't even aware that it was a Nestle product.

Key Insights:
1.Even though a preference is shown towards a familiar brand, availability plays a key role in actual buying. 2.Word of mouth & advertising play an important role in selling mundane products. 3.No complex decision making is involved, such purchases are made based on habit.
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