A Multiple Choice Test on Julius Caesar

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Unit Test 1 Name_____________________________________

MULTIPLE CHOICE UNIT TEST 1 - Julius Caesar I. Matching/Identify _____ 1. Strato _____ 2. Lucilius _____ 3. Octavius _____ 4. Artemidorus _____ 5. Brutus _____ 6. Caesar _____ 7. Casca _____ 8. Calpurnia _____ 9. Mark Antony _____ 10. Portia _____ 11.Lepidus _____ 12. Decius _____ 13. Pindarus _____ 14. Cassius _____ 15. Soothsayer A. Captured by Antony's soldiers, mistaken for Brutus B. Persuades Caesar to attend Senate meeting C. First to stab Caesar D. convinces Brutus to join conspiracy with false letters E. Holds the sword for Brutus to kill himself F. Wife of Brutus G. The least important member of the 2nd triumvirate H. warns Caesar “Beware the Ides of March” J. Joins and then leads conspiracy to kill Caesar K. Emperor of Rome L. Caesar's wife M. Heir of Julius Caesar; joins Antony N. servant who gives a false report to Cassius O. Devoted follower of Caesar; avenges Caesar’s murder P. Gives Caesar a letter of warning

Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Unit Test 1

II. Multiple Choice 1. The play begins immediately after: a. Caesar’s victory at Philippi b. the announcement of Caesar’s heir 2. Julius Caesar’s most loyal follower was: a. Lepidus c. Antony b. Brutus d. Casca 3. The Feast of Lupercal was a celebration of: c. Calpurnia’s marriage to Caesar a. fertility b. weather d. Caesar’s victory at Lupercal 4. Cassius could be described as: a. greedy and driven b. malicious and vengeful

c. Caesar’s crowning d. Caesar’s victory over Pompey

c. honorable and valiant d. all of the above

5. Why does Cassius want Brutus to join the conspiracy? a. Brutus is well thought of by the people. If he supported the conspiracy the conspirators would be in better favor with the people following the assassination. b. Brutus has the best knowledge of the layout of the Capitol. It would be easy for him to plan a secret attack. c. Brutus has great influence over the soldiers. Cassius needs Brutus to direct them not to help Caesar. d. Brutus is very wealthy. They will need a lot of money to set up the new government. 6. How does Cassius plan to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy? a. He is going to ask Casca and Brutus to have dinner with him the following evening to discuss what to do about Caesar. b. He plans to hold a reception in Caesar's honor to make amends with him. c. He is going to forge notes to Brutus from several citizens in order to help sway Brutus against Caesar. d. He is planning to kill Brutus. 7. Brutus believed Caesar’s assassination was necessary because Brutus: a. wanted to rule Rome himself b. thought it would be best for the citizens of Rome c. was afraid of Caesar’s wrath d. wanted Cassius to rule Rome 8. Who said that the conspirators needed no oath because they were bound by their cause and not by empty words? a. Cassius c. Brutus d. Strato b. Caesar

Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Unit Test 1

9. How was Caesar physically challenged? a. he was blind in his left eye b. he was deaf in his right ear

c. he was deaf in his left ear d. his right arm was partially paralyzed

10. Why was Brutus against killing Mark Antony? a. Mark Antony would be the next consul of Rome, and will accept bribes from Cassius. b. Killing Mark Antony would be too bloody. c. Mark Antony will fear for his life when Caesar is dead. d. If they kill Mark Antony, the Army will retaliate. 11. Of what does Calpurnia try to convince Caesar? a. Her dreams are omens of tragedy and he should not go to the Senate meeting. b. Her spies have told her that there is a plot against Caesar. c. There is going to be a terrible earthquake, and he should cancel the Senate meetings. d. He should let her and the other wives be present for his coronation. 12. Caesar yields to Calpurnia's wishes at first. Why does he change his mind and decide to go to the Senate meeting? a. His servants tell him the priests said it was alright for him to go. b. He knows that...
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