A Moving Experience

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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A Moving Experience

Everyone has heard the saying “Home is where the heart is.” According to this saying, we were homeless, for our furniture, television, clothing, and personal belongings all occupied our old, decrepit house and we hated living there. The old house was expensive, filthy, dangerous, and small, but our hearts rest easier now that we have moved into a large, new home.

To begin, it was expensive to rent our old house, for everyone knows that renting a house is like throwing away money. For instance, we were paying the landlord eight hundred dollars in rent each month, which he then used to pay off his mortgage and even make a monthly profit. Then, after shelling out around 10,000 dollars a year, we had invested in nothing, the lease was up, and it was time to start looking for the next black hole we could throw our money into. Also, the house was so old and grimy; it was like living in a decaying tree. For example, the basement’s foundation was never properly sealed and smelled like a rotten basement, kind of musty and moldy with a little earth tied in. We had to keep the washer and dryer on pallets to save them from the monsoon that came with even the slightest sprinkle outside. Our closets were filled with boxes of seasonal decorations, old clothes, and all the junk people should throw away but never do; usually, these things go into the basement, but because of the moisture down there, we were afraid they would come back up molded and mildewed. Worst of all, the house was extremely dangerous and it was really starting to fall apart. Over half the windows were painted shut, leaving about three escape routes in case of a fire, which we were prepared for at all times, and the floors creaked, giving us the feeling that it may give way to the rotten basement beneath any moment. Additionally, the outlets in the kitchen and bathroom were by the sinks, and all the power cords in the kitchen had to be run behind the oven. I’m pretty sure that...
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