A Most Destructive Human Weakness

Topics: Behavior, Morality, Truth Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: November 17, 2010
We often hear people shout “I swear I didn’t do it!” or “Don’t blame me on that!” rather than admit their fault when they screw up things. People tend to avoid shouldering responsibility for fear of being punished or ruining their reputation. Yet this buck-passing behavior could be the most destructive human weakness and can even lead to disastrous consequences. When do people start buck-passing? Probably from early childhood. Small kids consistently quarrel or even fight over toys and other stuffs. When they accidentally hurt each other or break a vase, they would often blame other kids for causing the fight in order to avoid being punished by parents. How sad it is to see this human weakness is rooted deeply even in young children. Someone may argue that kids are ignorant and thus their so-called buck-passing behavior cannot be treated seriously. However, this is where the danger lies. If our young generations take buck-passing for granted, it may generate destructive results in their future life. Let’s explore the two following cases. Stricken by the terrible earthquake in May 2008, our country suffered a great loss of her beloved children. The collapsing buildings, the frightened screams and the helpless tears can never be erased from our memory. Yet when it comes to the identification of the catastrophe, the government and the construction companies acted a mutual buck-passing, trying to sneak from penalty. I felt overwhelmed by shock and anger when I heard the authorities denying their fault. How could they let thousands of small children died in vain? How could they lie to the public and hide the truth? How could they act like nothing happened when there were millions of people mourning? Buck-passing in this case, is to some extent violating our moral standards and should not be tolerated. Every one knows that mine disasters are common cases in China, the loss of hundreds of lives seems nothing to the mine owners as they shirk responsibilities. But when a...
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