A More Perfect Union by Barrack Obama

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  • Published : February 1, 2012
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“A More Perfect Union” by Barrack Obama
It was March 18, 2008, many watched and listened as one of the most persuasive speeches on U.S. race relations was given by at the time senator, Barrack Obama. This speech was entitled, “A More Perfect Union”, a line taken from the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, and was given at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA. It brought forth the concept that all men were created equally, however to this day we still strive to be treated equally. In one of the most important speeches of his campaign to run for president, Obama was faced with responding to comments made by Reverend Jeremiah Wright about the race relations and foreign policy in the U.S. Obama addressed the subjects of racial tensions, white privilege, and race inequality in the United States, discussing black "anger," white "resentment," as he sought to explain Wright's controversial comments. His response was one of the most memorable speeches in U.S. history.

Before the speech was given, Senator Obama launched a campaign in January 2007 to be the Democratic party’s 2008 presidential nominee. With this election he would be the first African American President the United States has every had. In early March 2008, Obama’s long-time pastor, Jeremiah Wright, denounced the U.S. and accused the government of crimes against people of color. “Wright had said among other things, ‘God damn America’ for its racism, ‘and for killing innocent people’” (Cost). Video recordings of Reverend Wright’s controversial comments flooded the internet creating more turmoil for the Obama campaign. Barrack responded to these videos, by going further than he ever had before, saying he, “strongly disagrees with and condemns the inflammatory and appalling remarks Wright made about our country, our politics, and my political opponents”. Feeling as if he had failed to sufficiently address and explain the relationship between him and the Reverend, he began writing...
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