A More Perfect Union

Topics: Black people, United States Declaration of Independence, United States Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 30, 2008
“A More Perfect Union”

Obama used the Philadelphia venue brilliantly starting off his speech like the Declaration of Independence a very powerful document that was revolutionary for its time; literally. It brought forth the concept that all men were created equally however to this day we still strive to be treated equally. Obama mentions that the slave trade went on for twenty years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and suggests that our forefathers left it up to future generations to perfect this country over time. Listeners are reminded of all the struggles and protests in the courts and the streets that the citizens of the United States have already made to bring about change. Obama has represented his campaign as a patriotic cause that was initially embarked upon by our forefathers that this cause is one that we are all obligated too. He admits that we have different backgrounds but suggests his goals and those of the audience are the same making a better future for our children and grandchildren. This is a masterful job of uniting his listeners and suggesting we aren’t so different and that we share the same desires and goals. Continuing on the area of commonality Obama discusses his background and the fact that he has a black father from Kenya and that his mother is a white woman from Kansas. He mentions his white grandparents and their patriotism with his grandfather fighting in world war two and his grandmother worked assembling bombers. He also mentions that he has a black wife that carries within her the blood of slavery and that he has other relatives that are of every race and skin color. In mentioning patriotism it shows his family to be patriotic a concept he touched upon when discussing the Declaration of Independence. In mentioning his wife and her family’s background in slavery it further ties him to an understanding of the struggle for equality as related to slavery. In mentioning all this about...
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