A Moonlit Night

Topics: Moon, Sun, Mind Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: February 17, 2013
A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is a pleasant and enjoyable night to us. Specially, when it is a full moon lit night, it appears before us with all her magnificent beauty. It then looks like disk dazzling silver. The sparking starts twinkle around it. The sky looks like a large canopy over flooded with light. Everything’s seems to be wrapped is silvery beams of the moon. It bathes the whole world earth with her pleasant light.

Rivers, canals and ponds seem to laugh in the splendid light of the moon. The patches of clouds shine in the silvery light of the moon. The moon lit night has a great influence on the mind of the people of all ages. The little children can hardly think of going to bed without enjoying the night. Newly couples come out of the doors and pass some hours outside to enjoy the beauty of the night. Elderly men and women also can’t keep indoors.

They gather in the courtyard and pass several hours in gossiping. Poets and lovers of Nature also feel a thrill of joy in their minds. Even birds and beasts come out leaving their resting places to enjoy the beauty of the night.

In Bangladesh the beauty of a moon lit night can be enjoyed better in the open field. If Fair land. Moreover, Bangladesh being a reverie country, the moonlit night creates an impressive and attractive scene flowing over the rivers.

Of all aspects of Nature, a moon lit night is, perhaps, the most beautiful and attractive. It keeps us away from the monotony of our routine life and makes us sublime in through and deeds.
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