A Moment I Knew I Was Happy

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Stefan Forsell
English 1180
Narrative Essay: Moment I knew I was happy
Being happy is one of the greatest emotions to express. It is sad how some people in this world do not experience happy moments in their life. Like someone who has depression, someone who is homeless with no money, and all the starving children around the world. Greed is a black hole for happiness. You can never fill, that’s why you should be happy with what you have. My happiest moment was when I met my girlfriend Marcelina this year. I’m sure it was the happiest moment for her too.

I never knew she was in the same grade as me but I did not know here because she was so smart she took classes at the IRC center and not at my school. One day at my school we had an assembly for all juniors that went to Stevenson. The other seniors in different programs at different schools had to attend the assembly too. She was my friends, friends, friend, so it was a pretty distant connection. But we all sat together at the assembly and became friends with each other.

We exchange phone numbers and added each other on Facebook but never really talked to each other much. We would have little conversations here and there every few weeks or so but that was it. I didn’t have strong feelings for her at the time so there was no need to have major conversations. If there was a girl I seriously liked I was always too scared to have major conversations with her or even tell her I liked her. But when I started to like Marcelina, I wasn’t afraid to talk her. I didn’t tell her I liked her incase she didn’t like me back because that would be a very awkward situation for most people to be in.

Over time I became closer with my friend because at our school half way through the semester we switch classes and possibly lunches. So my friend Dennis and I ended up with the same lunch. We got closer so we stated to hang out more. One day his friend was having a pool party. He called me and asked “My friend is...
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