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A Moment That Changed My Life

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A Moment That Changed My Life

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  • April 2008
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Growing up on the small island of New Providence life was a bit more than a walk on the beach but rather trying to make both ends meet. Although it was rough, mommy tried her best to distribute love equally among the 6 of us. We spend most of our childhood years through the streets of Bain and Grant's Town where we attend The Church Of God Of Prophecy Meadow Street. Mommy was a Christian for almost 15yrs and struggled to keep her children active in the church. Most of the time she was unsuccessful in doing that but she never got discourage, instead it made her stronger. At the age of 12, I can say without hesitation that I had no role models. Being the youngest child, mommy strived with me so that I wouldn't turn out the way my siblings did. I hardly saw my brothers at home. Most of the time they were either gang banging, gabling or somewhere nearby taking drugs. Mommy never said anything, but most nights she prayed to God asking him for help with the family. Although going to church was my daily ritual, I found it hard to believe that I never knew God. Eventually it started to show that I was headed in the same directions of my older brothers, but worst. At the age of 16, due to a tragic accident, I was left with no brothers. This crushed my mother knowing that her sons died without knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It was weeks later until I saw my mother smiling again. The insurance money left her 'filthy' rich that she was able to take half of the money and bought a low cost home in a residential area. Although I moved away from the busy neighborhood, I continued to indulge in drugs and mischief. I not only took drugs but I also sold it to get by in life. At the age of 23, I was the top 'drug man' in Nassau and the tasks of the police were to capture me and stop my business. Even though this was ineffective, they never quit. Without a high school education, my monthly income was just as much as those who were doctors and lawyers. Mommy knew all...

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