A Moment of Madness Arose

Topics: Mind, English-language films, Thought Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Walking from work in the blazing hot sun, I turn to my right and the first thing I see is the big baby blue coloured envelope standing half way out of my letter box. My heart starts to beat as if I am waiting for the teacher to handout my mathematics question paper. I start to perspire, my sweat starts to roll down my rosy red cheeks dripping down from my round face and the hair on my forehead is soaking. For the past five years I haven’t heard anything from her. What makes her send me these once again? What could have happened? I thought she forgot that I exist, even though I think of her daily. Whenever I see this big baby blue envelope I think of the day we met. Lying in the brightness of the moonlight, where the sand blows along our sides and the ocean water washes over, under and between our feet. Wearing a red dress with glittery glamour on the outside, her long hair falling between us and her fastidious fragrance outshines the night. A moment of madness arose...

Looking at the moon while talking to me she says “that round thing out there makes me think, we could become rich by making a new invention, something that would benefit the world and make us famous, bringing about the best moments of our lives.” Every month thereafter for three years without a fail I got a big baby blue envelope with a letter on the inside. The envelope had glitter on the outside spelling my name and beneath my name my address. The letter was always written with different colour calligraphy pens and the paper was shaped in weird shapes. Each letter had its own special greeting and some sweet and wise words. Each letter also had some improvement about the idea our new invention, up until it no longer sounded like a realistic idea. It now became something totally different, more serious and something on a larger scale. It could tell everything about the specific mind it was used on... I open the new big baby blue envelope...
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