A Module for Civic Engagement

Topics: Participation, Community building, Engagement Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Philippine Normal University

A Module for Civic Engagement
This is a requirement for the completion of S-KAS 12: Civic Education under the guidance of Professor Rita B. Ruscoe IV-16 BSE History
* Abines, Carla R.
* Abuda, Agapito
* Conge, Ma. Veronica
* Delbo, Vanessa V.
* Montecillo, Lady Katrine C.
* Rano, Teodylyn P.

Citizenship Workshop for CODYA
At the end of the Workshop, the participants are expected to: * Become aware of the socio-economic domain of citizenship; * Possess basic candle making skills which will help them in their future needs; and * Express their opinions towards equality among all citizens of the country through a freedom wall. III. Target Participants

The target participant of this workshop is the:

* Cubao Organization of Deaf and Youth Adult (CODYA)
* Population of 20 participants
* Ages range from 16 -60

IV. Description of the Community
The Cubao Organization of Deaf and Youth Adult (CODYA), is a religious institution which aims to provide the deaf a sense of belongingness in the society.

Mission/ Vision
It aims to establish good rapport and partnership among, and between members of the federation, paving the way for their integration into the mainstream society and full equality and participation on all aspects of human endeavor.

It also visualizes improvement of the quality of life among the members of the federation through self-help and self-reliance in order to become productive citizens and partners in the nation-building under the aegis of new horizon and social justice in the future.

V. Process
A video presentation about the civic engagements of other physically- challenged people all over the world. This short presentation will arouse the thinking of the participants about the opportunities that await them in the mainstream society. Discussion

The discussion will revolve around the four...
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