A Modest Proposal Vocab

Topics: Genetic fallacies, Irony, Fallacy Pages: 6 (1488 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1729 - first Potato Famine
abortions - the scheme will prevent _____
absentee landlords - ________ were sucking the money out of Ireland alive - besides making 8 shillings, the parents won't have to worry about keep the child ____ after the first year alms - money or goods given to the poor; charity

animosity - n: hostility; hatred
annum - Yearly (as in per annum)
appeal to authority - cites "experts" in the field as if this action would resolve the issue appeal to pity - arouses strong feelings often by using loaded language appeal to poverty - the view is correct because it is held by the poor appeal to wealth - the view is correct because it is held by the wealthy apprehend - to seize, arrest, take into custody; to understand; become aware of apprehend - understand or perceive

asset - rather than costing us money, chilidren will become an ____ babies - Americans eat ____ of course!
care beat kick - mothers will ___ more for their babies, and fathers will no longer ____ or ____ their wives during pregnancy caste - Swift was a member of the ruling ____ appointed by the British government censure - harsh criticism or disapproval; , rebuke formally

Circumstance - an event or situation
collateral - a security pledged for the repayment of a loan additional but subordinate accompaniment to something else commodity - anything that is bought or sold
Commodity - anything that is bought or sold
consciences - not selling out country or ___ for nothing (a solution) contrive - come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort criminals - people in Formosa charge a fortune for the carcasses of ____ after they are executed cum hoc - when two things occur simultaneously, it is because one caused the other dainty - especially pleasing to the taste something considered choice to eat dam - (n) a horse mother of a filly or colt

dear - a beloved person
deference - submission to another's will; respect; courtesy
Deplorable - regrettable, lamentable, miserable, To feel or express strong disapproval; condemn terrible of very poor quality or condition desponding - to be depressed by loss of hope
devoured - the will suit landlords who have already _____ most of the parents died - would people rather have ___ than suffer what they've been through digressed - to stray from the subject
discoursing - talking about; discussing
Disobliging - refuse to do a favor for; neglect or refusal
effectual - valid or adequate
embargo - British put an ___ on Irish products so that they could not be sold outside of island Eminent - above others, distinguished, outstanding
emulation - n: the act of imitating; an effort to equal or outdo another person encumbrance - (n) something burdensome, useless; a burden, hindrance Entailing - resulting in
enumerate - (v) specify individually; count
enumerated - mention one by one
Esteem - think highly of
exact - to force payment
expedient - (n) practical solution; providing an immediate advantage (especially when serving one's self-interest) a means to an end; advantageous, useful expedient - Providing results quickly; practical and effective Expedient - Something useful in achieving the desired effect; a convenience Exportation - being sent to another country for sale

false dilemma/bifurcation/false dichotomy - presenting only one or two options when there are actually more farrow - (n) a litter of pigs (v) the production of a litter of pigs farrow - give birth

feeding clothing - children need to contribute to the ___ and ___ of their parents flay - strip off skin, scold harshly
food - we should use children as __
foreign - boycotting ___ goods (a solution)
Formosa - (n) island nation now known as Taiwan
fricassee - (n) meat, especially chicken or veal, browned, stewed, served in sauce of its own stock genetic fallacy - the genetic fallacy is committed when an idea is either accepted or rejected because of its source, rather than its merit gibbet - instrument of...
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