A Modest Proposal

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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December 21, 2012
AP English
A Modest Proposal
In 1729, England takes over Ireland and enforces imperialism on them. While invading them and taking from them, Ireland suffers from a drought and all their food stops growing causing them to starve. When a whole country starves the weakest suffer the most meaning the children. Jonathan Swift, well educated professional, writes a pamphlet with a insincerity and obscure manor titled, “A modest Proposal,” to the country of England. In this pamphlet, he states converting the starving children of Ireland into "sound and useful members of the Commonwealth" by the use of cannibalism will help across the country; poor children are living in foulness because their families are too poor to keep them fed and clothed. In “A Modest Proposal” Swift persuades England that they should stop taking from Ireland because their conditions are getting poorer to the point they would breed children for means of income.

Swift uses irony to persuade the people of England to stop taking from them. For example, “The only way help society is to kill society.” This strategy will appeal to the people of England because when they hear killing of children to ration off for means of money just to survive it will cause them to draw up images of poverty being out an emotional draw to the story. This strategy will persuade England to stop taking the little bit of what Ireland has because when they see that they literally have nothing else to give except for their kids just so they can survive it will cause people of England to rise up and take act to stop this imperialistic bullying that Britain has imposed on Ireland. When people read this pamphlet they will not only stop taking the little bit of what Ireland has and hope to give back to them. Swift uses imagery to persuade the people of England to stop taking from Ireland. For Example, “I recommend buying children alive and dressing them hot from the knife like pigs.” This strategy will appeal...
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