A Modest Proposal

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Christian Rosales
During the seventeenth century, the lifestyles in Ireland were in critical conditions. The social, political, and economic situations were disastrous due to the English control. In 1729, Jonathan Swift concocted a satire titled "A Modest Proposal" in which he proposed a "solution" to help Ireland out of the gutters. In the satirical piece, he illustrates the horrific state of Ireland and its classes. Swift proposes that children of the poor will "contribute to the feeding, and partly to the clothing, of many thousands" to improve the economy as well as standard of living. The proposal came about from the females having babies they could not provide for, as well as the from lifestyles. In "A Modest Proposal", Swift cunningly used sarcasm, with, insincerity and exaggeration to portray his disgust with the society in the seventeenth century. However, the reader can tell it's a satire by Swift's insincerity, tone, irony, and simply the ridiculousness of his proposal.

In "A Modest Proposal", Jonathan Swift says that people, politicians, and the English were all to be held responsible for Ireland's state of being. He states that if a kid made it through the childhood years, they would "leave their dear, native country to fight for the Pretender in Spain" or sell themselves to the Barbados. With those statements being made, the reader can recognize the lack of nationalism, and the people never left the country, which contributes to the demise.

Not only does Swift blame others for the conditions of Ireland, he also exaggerates the impoverished and disgusting state of the country. He uses a sarcastic tone by his insincerity and creating a ludicrous proposal. He suggests that people should eat the helpless, innocent babies, and trade them for benefits. (Such as trading a baby to help pay the rent.) Another instance of his insincerity is when he states that he does not have any children of his own, and that his wife was past...
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