A Mixed Type Essay

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  • Published : May 31, 2011
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Everybody study hard for being successful in their business lifes. They have to finish their grades to graduate and to play role in business show. There is no need to say it is the matter of earning money for surviving. But we must also say that it is the rule: the more you work hard the more you earn. We can also say the information era has made the people work harder and learn much more knowledge since two decades. They find themselves in a manner of learning, searching and getting more information while they have to work harder in order to succeed in business life. The word “businestudentman” is used to describe the people who work while they are studying. So the businestudentman was born in such conditions which had covered his life. Moreover the economic problems are the key effect to the way which make the students to be a businestudentman.

The problematic starts with the personal feelings of a businestudentman. He would never classify himself in his whole life as a student nor a worker. Because of his position is being changed in his environmental society he always have to live the diffucilties of this dilemma. This situation often makes him confused while playing his society roles. Acting as a student or as a worker is not properly being applied during this period. For instance, he can not accept an invitation to a gathering after school because of the necessity for going to work. On the contrary he can not find leisure time to play cards with his colleagues during the lunch-break because he must go to school. Especially if he lives in such a beautiful city like Istanbul, he has to work at the afternoons so that he can not attend to a meeting which is arranged by his school friends nearby the Bosphorus in spring months

There are also some advantages of being a businestudentman. Taking into his hands of his economical freedom, he has a charming status beyond his schoolmates. He can offer meals to his schoolmates, pay the...
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