A Mision Statement

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Mission Statement 2

The Importance of a Mission Statement In helping students achieve at their greatest potential it is necessary for me to provide them with the necessary tools for accomplishing high success. One vital tool for my success (Canter, 2009) as well as the success of my students is to have a mission statement about my teaching beliefs that help guide my instructional planning, interactions with students and difficult times that might arise during teaching. Another tool that will help drive my mission statement is to collaborate with colleagues, parents and various organizations in order to stay abreast as to what changes need to take place in and out of the classroom. In staying deeply committed to my mission statement, it will be important for me to display it in my classroom as a constant reminder of what I want to accomplish as a teacher. My mission is as follows: To create a safe and positive learning environment that will allow students to achieve at their greatest potential with an emphasis on recognizing individual differences.
After intensely collaborating with several colleagues and a parent, I found it necessary to revise my mission statement in order to clarify what is most important to me as a teacher. My revised statement: To create a safe and positive learning environment while developing high morals and values, with an emphasis on academic excellence by recognizing individual differences in a multicultural society. As a daily reminder of what I would like to accomplish as a teacher, I would display my mission statement on the front wall of my classroom as well as tape it on the inside of my lesson plan book. By displaying my mission statement on the front wall, it will not only keep me reminded as to what I want to accomplish, but it will also give my students, their parents, and my colleagues the opportunity of knowing what my goals are as an...
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