A Million Little Pieces Character List

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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A Million Little Pieces
James (1:1) Main character, miserable, self centered, drug addict Mom (1:2) James mother, she’s always upset, sad, she cries a lot Dad (1: 2) Is in charge of most family affairs, happy, concerned Nurse (1:8) she wears all white, smiles a lot administers the shots Men in White (1:11) the men in white take him away

Doctor Baker (1:15) kind eyes, rehab doctor, helpful James’s love interest Lilly (1:18) black hair and blue eyes, drug addict
Lilly’s Dad (1:23) Left Lilly’s family when she was four Lilly’s Mom (1:23) Heroin addict, prostitute
Lilly’s Grandmother (1:23) pays for Lilly’s, cared for Lilly as a child, dies while Lilly is still in rehab Roy (1:23) James roommate, follows the rules
Larry (1:25)35 southern accent, short, alcoholic
Warren (1:25)50, tall, thin, well dressed
John (1:26) nervous and hypersexual ninja, addicted to coke
Ken (1:28) Unit recovery counselor, nice at first but ends up being awful Hank (1:35) the driver who works at the rehab, James friend, messy looking old man with white hair and blue eyes Dentist Stevens (1:36) does James surgery, he doesn’t use pain killers Amy (1:43) James sober friend

Lucinda (1:43) James sober friend
Courtney (1:43) James sober friend
Lincoln (1:53) Unit supervisor, he hates James
Joanne (1:53) Staff psychologist, secretly dating hank
Ed (1:56) short man, nosey, blue collar worker
Ted (1:76) tall man, deep southern accent
Bill (1:77) the founder of AA
Michelle (1:80) one of the only people who comes to visit James in rehab, James’ sober friend Bald Man (1:85) Alcoholic, has a wife and two kids, cries during a group meeting and gets made fun of Mickey (2:121) the gangster that Leo looked up to as a child, adopted him when he was a teenager, married to Geena Geena (2:121) Mickey’s wife and Leonard’s adopted mother, very sweet Eric (2:125) Roy’s friend who tells the counselors that Roy picked the fight Julie (2:126) James friend who comes to see him in...
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