A Million Kitchens and a Billion Dishes

Topics: Indian cuisine, Family, Syrup Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: October 22, 2010
“A million kitchens and a billion dishes”

Away from home I still crave for those hot chillas prepared by my mom whenever it rains, the nip in air brewed with saunf flavored batter fumes, rising from the hot tawa makes it the best monsoon snack for me. I am assaulted by the sweet smell of the batter, by the hiss and bubbles of the chilla being flipped in the oil. I still make it a point to cajole her into making those soft melt-in-mouth pancakes whenever it rains (sometimes even if it doesn’t…).

Each and every kitchen in India has a different story to tell and plethora of dishes to be unveiled which makes it a country of “a million kitchens and a billion dishes” with grandmothers and mothers serving as perfect cooks whom even the great chefs find intimidating…So it would not be wrong to ascertain that each n every house in our country has a diverse cuisine which after being passed on from generation to generation have acquired a peculiar taste, which is particular to a family.

Though majority of us are vegetarians which restrict us from savoring non-veg delicacies but the innovation in our rasois with different (sometimes even strange…) ingredients definitely make up for those losses. I still remember collecting flower sepals of a tree (my mom called it simbhal ka ped) on my first visit to Delhi zoo, which after returning home was served as a sookhi sabzi (cooked like bhindi with loads of tomatoes, onions and dollops of oil) which was very good, but to my dismay that was the first and last time I had it as we never went to the zoo again…, but the adventure didn’t end there, during my growing years, not once, but several times I was confounded by my mom serving us tarbooz and torai ke chilke ki sabzi(talk about inflation…!!!),the tarbooz one was cooked in a wet gravy with the leftover peels of watermelon washed, outer green layer carefully removed, tempered with sarson seeds, heeng and served with gauchni ki roti(different cereals grounded together to make...
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