A Midsummer's Night Dream: Act 5 Scene 1

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Midsummer Night’s Dream: To what extent does ACT5 Scene1 present a harmonious “New World”? Act 5 Scene 1 is considered to be a harmonious “New World”, not forgetting that we have just left the “Green world” with all the mischief and fairies all around. This would make us question is the green world really gone? And is the new world really all that “Harmonious”? Act 5 Scene1 is the resolution of the entire play. At the start of It is obvious that the harmonious “New world” is present, with all the arguments and lovers falling out with one another and falling in love with someone else, all that has been left behind. Usually, characters who return from the Green world back into the new world discover that all their problems have been resolved and any past mistakes they have made, they will learn from. Lysander and Hermia and Demetrius and Helena all marry, this would be interesting because in a “New World” multiple marriages suggest that there is social harmony. On the other hand none of these marriages are shown on stage in front of the audience and just reading the play we only hear about the marriage taking place and are taken straight to the celebrations of the evening. This would allow us to think that if all the marriages taking place are legitimate and doesn’t really portray a harmonious feel,its just leaves us confused on the reason “why”. All shown above supports Frays theory on the “New World”, but how true is this love between the Athenians in the “New World”? Demetrius is still under the Love Juices influence that was placed on his eyes during Act3 Scene1, and is under the impression that he is in love with Helena, so much so, that he has married her. Now we are left with the nagging thought of: if the “green world” i.e the fairies didn’t interfere with Demetrius’ inner feelings and mind, would he still be “in love” with Hermia? And would Act5 Scene1 be really that “Harmonious” taking into consideration that it was the help of the “Green World” that...
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