A Midsummer Night's Dream: Script

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Chen jiacheng

Mrs. Fiorella


17th April 2013

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


(Theseus and Hippolyta on)

Hippolyta: Oh honey! You are here!

Theseus: My darling. You look touching like a rose in midsummer today!

Theseus: My dear beauty. Do you like our wedding decoration? I took great pain to manage it.

Hippolyta: Of course. My sweet heart.

(Egeus on)

Egeus: My lord! The great Duke of Athens! I have a petition for you!

Theseus: Well, my friend Egeus. Come with me, let’s talk about it in my office.

Egeus: I demand my daughter respect my wishes.

Theseus: What do you want your daughter to do?

(Egeus and Hermia on)

Egeus: My daughter, my Hermia! I order you must get married with Demetrius,

a real gentleman in my eyes!

Hermia: I’m sorry, Dad! I won’t. He is a good man. But all of my heart

is belongs to Lysander!

Egeus: Lysander? The businessman’s son Lysander? How could he compare

with Demetrius! My daughter is from the royalty. Her husband should be

educated and rich. Not someone who met in the street!

Hermia: Oh! Dad! Demetrious loves my friend, Helena, and she, a sweet lady also loves him deeply.

Egeus: whatever you say, I’ve decided to let you marry to Demetrious. I am

your father and I have the right! You are my daughter, you do what I say!

Hermia: I won’t marry to a man I don’t love! To have a marriage without love. I ‘d rather to die!

Egeus: As your wish, if you don’t marry Demetrious, I’ll use the ancient right

of Athens, asking to put you to death according to our law!

(Lysander on)

Lysander: My love! My heart! What’s wrong with you? Why you cry so sad?

Your tear is steaming like a fountain.

Hermia: My father said that unless I marry Demetrious, or he’ll let me to die!

Lysander: Calm down and listen to me. Tomorrow night, I’ll wait for you in

the woods. Let’s go eloping, let’s run away from the sad city.

Hermia: My Lysander, my love. I will fallow you the end of the world! Oh my

love, I love you so!

(Helena on)

Helena: Hello! Hermia. My best friend who is in sweet love now!

Hermia: Oh! Helena. I’m so glad to see you, my friend!

Helena: You are so happy because you have two men who are in seething

love with you! Oh why! Why I can’t get Demetrius’s love!

Hermia: Good news for you! Tomorrow night Lysander and I will fly this place.

Demetrius will never see me any more. We’ll meet in the wood. Please give

us your benediction and don’t tell to others! Bye my best friend!

Helena: Oh! Why she is always so lucky! No! I will go tell Demetrius of fair Hermia’s plan, and then he’ll go to pursue her. and I can see his handsome face again.


The wood was a favorite meeting place of that little fairies. Tonight

puck is holding a party. But the queen of the fairies’ coming broke

the peace night.

(Oberon and Titania on)

Oberon: My queen, proud Titania, I meet you again under the

Titania: What! My jealous Oberon! I know what you are thinking

now. Fairies! Take the boy far away from him!
Oberon: Wait, foolish fairy, why do you oppose me so? Give me th

at little boy to be my slave.
Titania: Set your heart at rest, you cannot buy the boy even use

your whole kingdom!
Oberon: Well, go away! Before tomorrow

dawn, I will make you apologize  to me for your rude tonight!

Where are you! my gentle Puck.

Puck: I’m here, my lord.
Oberon: Fetch me the magic flower which called

Love in Idleness; the power of the beautiful flower can make

Titania loves anything she looks first after she weak up. 

Puck: I’ll do that very well. Believe me. 
Oberon: Somebody is coming, who he is? Let’s stay and have a look.       
(Demetrious and Helena on)

Demetrious: I don’t love you at all, why are you following me now? Where ...
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