A Midsummer Night's Dream: Modern Adaptation

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Narrator: Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in fairies? These two things may sound ridiculous to you, but they both take a great part in the story you are about to see. The story took place once on a midsummer night. It is about four American lovers who are willing to go through everything, including enchanted forests, for the sake of love. Hermione loves Ron and Ron loves Hermione. What could be better than that? Ginny loves Harry, but Harry does not love Ginny. What could be worse than that? The course of true love never did run smooth. Open your eyes and be sure not to miss any detail in this story. Let us all discover these lovers’ quest for true love.

Snape: Now now, Hermione, don’t be a baby. My decision is final.

Hermione: Don’t be a baby? Ha! You are the one who is being a baby, papa. You are threatening to take away my inheritance just to force me to break up with Ron and be with Harry. How childish can you be?

Snape: [Angrily]. Hermione Granger! How dare you speak to me that way?! Is that how you repay me for raising you up and providing your needs and your desires—answering me like I am one of your playmates? I will teach you your lesson. You are grounded for a month—which means no Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, cellphone, no going to malls with Ginny, and definitely no Ron Weasley!

Hermione: (Gasps). Grounded? Like, seriously? Oh, papa, I’m sure we can talk about this.

Snape: No. I will accept no protests coming from you. Now, give me your cellphone. I am going to confiscate it.

Hermione: (Innocent face). Uhm. I kinda misplaced it. I’ll go looking for it later then I will hand it over to you as soon as I find it.

(Snape exits)
(Hermione brings out her mobile phone)

Hermione: (Readling aloud). Hey. Still up? I just want you to know that I’m grounded. Huhuhu.

Ron: What?! Grounded?

(Ron calls Hermione)

Hermione: Hello?

Ron: What happened, babe? Why are you grounded?

Hermione: Papa forces me to be with Harry. I can’t do it, Ron. You know how much I love you, babe. I can’t just give up on our relationship and be with someone else.

Ron: Don’t you worry, dear. You will never have to date Harry as long as I am here.

Hermione: (Confused). Really? How are we supposed to do that? I’m grounded, remember?

Ron: You will sneak out tomorrow night when is fast asleep. You have to be sure he is asleep before you leave. Go to the forest where we used to have picnic and celebrate May Day with Helena. We will visit my aunt who lives in New York.

Hermione: I’ll be coming, Ron. Just wait for me there.

(At school)

Hermione: Ginny! I have something to tell you!

Ginny: What is it? I heard you’re grounded. I am sorry for you, Hermione. But why do you seem so excited when you are grounded? Aren’t you supposed to be mourning over your lost freedom?

Hermione: Who cares if I’m grounded? I’ll be forever free after this day.

Ginny: Free? Forever? How?

Hermione: I’m running away with Ron tonight!

Ginny: What? Running away? With my brother? As in “eloping?”

Hermione: Yes. I’ll meet him tonight in the forest where we used to celebrate May Day. Harry Styles will be all yours, Helena.

(Hermione exits)

Ginny: Harry will be all mine? Oh really, Hermione? Harry adores her but he despises me. He used to love me, at least before she came around. Oh, don’t worry, Ginny. Payback time is near. It is very near. I will tell Harry of their plan. He will surely go after Hermione. Having him acknowledge my effort is worth all the pain I’ve been through since he dumped me for that girl.

(Ginny exits)

Narrator: All could have been well if Hermione was not too excited to run away with Ron that she spilled the beans to Ginny. Now what? Of course Harry will go after Hermione and Ginny will go after Harry. Will Harry get Hermione, or will Ginny make him fall in love with her?

(In the forest)

Hermione: Ron!

Ron: Hermione! You came!...
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