A Message from Jesus Christ to Homosexual Christians and Transgendered Christians

Topics: God, Jesus, Bible Pages: 173 (62199 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled
New thinking for a new millennium!
by Rev. Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D.

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Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled!

This work is dedicated to the untold number of GLBT people who have been rejected, abused, tormented and murdered in the name of the LORD and to those who have injured themselves or taken their own lives because of the pain from their victimization. The message of this work is simple for those who are still alive: Take back your lives through Jesus Christ and be victorious. Today, in Christ, you can have

new hope!

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Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled!

Table of Contents
Section Foreword Introduction Chapter One: The Seeming Dilemma Chapter Two: Sodom Revisited Chapter Three: Levitical Law and Grace Chapter Four: Christian Ethics and the Homosexual Appendix A: Examples of Intersex Categories Appendix B: Question Assignments Appendix C: Fast Facts for Distribution Purposes Bibliography Afterword Page 5 8 20 43 88 140 161 164 175 182 187

Copyright 2000, 2008, 2009 by Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D. Page 3

Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled!

List of Figures
Figure Figure One: Figure Two: Title Quiz for Homosexuals Parallels between Genesis 19 and Judges 19 Page 29 48 53

Figure Three: Fertility Gods and Goddesses Figure Four: Types of Male-Male Sex Common in the Apostle Paul‟s Day Figure Five: The Pearson Amplification and Paraphrase of Leviticus 18: 3, 21-24 with Cross Reference to 1 Kings 14:24



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Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled!

What a privilege it is for me to have the opportunity to write, revise and edit the book version of “Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled: New Thinking for a New Millennium!” Almost twenty years ago, I began teaching a seminar and workshop on this topic through Christ Evangelical Bible Institute (CEBI) in Phoenix, Arizona. The seminar and workshop became so popular that I eventually received invitations from churches throughout the USA and Canada to present it to their congregations in order that they might better understand the scriptural basis for the affirmation that God loves and accepts both heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, without viewing one as better than the other. In order to help meet the demand, I ended up professionally videotaping the seminar and workshop and offered the resulting three-and-one-half hour series through CEBI as both part of its “Christianity and Homosexuality” correspondence course as well as on a standalone basis for those who were not interested in pursuing course completion or program certificates. Overall, the video tape series did quite well, not only having sold throughout most of the United States but also as far away as Vancouver (British Colombia), London (England) and Harare (Zimbabwe). Though the video tapes were designed so that they could be used without ancillary...
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