A Memorable Wedding

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A Memorable Wedding

Things do not always go according to plan. The larger the occasion, the more time you commit towards it so people will remember how great it was. No matter how detailed or important your plan, fate finds it funny to meddle. One of the most important moments that people plan for is their wedding day. There is one wedding in particular that stands out in my memory, not for the plans, but for the surprises that made the wedding such a spectacular event.

The most important part of the wedding day is the ceremony. This particular ceremony was quite extravagant. However, I cannot recall every minuscule detail such as what color the candles were. The things that I do remember are the things that were not part of the wedding plans. For instance, when the bride walked into the room to the melody, “Here Comes the Bride,” not a soul stood up. I attribute my disrespect to my lack of wedding attendance. It was an awkward moment. We were sitting there in a sort of dazed stupor while she was cautiously creeping down the isle. Minutes passed with us left in the awkward doldrums of the wedding. We were awaked from our social ignorance by the voice of a loving groom who wanted his future wife to be respected on their wedding day. Every one clamored to their feet making a noise like that of a buffalo stampede. The wedding went on without any other mishaps and surprises.

We gathered to help celebrate the newly weds at their reception. It was a small ordeal. After the guests had their fill of appetizers and entrees, they began to meander about the room conversing with each other. There was a large dance floor in the center of the room where the life of the party was meant to be. Time passed and people began to wonder when the couple was going to take their first dance. We did not realize however, that the party DJ never showed up. Suddenly, all five groomsmen blew into the room with drums, microphones, and guitars in tow. The groom took the stage with them...
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