A Memorable Journey Essay

A Memorable Journey

It was year 2000; I was living in small town called Singapore at that time with my parent’s three brothers and a sister. I was a young, vivacious and ambitious student who had many friends, a busy life and great parents. I loved my city and the people living around me. My plan was to finish college and teach the English language. I had a best friend. We wanted to get into university in a year and planned to live close by my parent’s house. They were getting older and needed my help more often.

My life was all planned, and I thought that nothing or nobody in the world could change that. Then I accepted this job opportunity that opened my eyes to new places, new challenges, and I realized I wanted more than just the typical life.

My last year in college I decided to tutor elementary school students, but finding a job was not easy as I thought. I started feeling hopeless, and made a decision to take any work that was offered to me.

And just then my father told me about Mr. Todd. Mr. Todd was my father's long time friend who had come back from south east side and was looking for help with separating and filing all different pictures from his last trip.

Mr. Todd had photographs from around the world. Some of the places I didn't even know existed. The most beautiful pictures were from Adirondack Park in USA. Mr. Todd was absolutely one of a kind: impulsive and messy but very sweet, patient and possessing a talent for telling stories with incredible graphic details. He wanted to write a book about his experience visiting different countries. My job was to read and rewrite his annotations. After that I was supposed to file everything together with pictures.

It wasn't easy job. There were boxes from his last trip drawn in with pictures and notes from previous trips, and that was where I found this album of a beautiful park with lakes surrounded by forest. The water was clear and crystal, and had luxurious hotels along side.

In the...
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