A Memorable Experience

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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A Memorable Experience
Growing up I’ve had many memorable and important experiences. A lot of these situations have led me to become a better person. I can say that I have had my share of bad experiences as well, but all have led up to one major event in my life, that I am most proud of. It was the day that I made my mother the proudest woman alive, the day I graduated from high school.

You may think graduating is just a part of life, and yes it’s something to be proud of, but isn’t there something more memorable I can speak of? Well for me this has been my most proud moment so far. It was the day I proved to everyone who doubted me that I did it, and all on my own. Graduating was a huge milestone in my life. I went into high not caring about attending classes or completing assignments, but more focused on outside influences and the pressures of being a teenager. I started off on the wrong foot and didn’t have a care in the world at the time. All of this led me into more trouble. Going into my tenth grade year I had accumulated over forty absences. Even though I knew I had full-potential to turn things around I chose not to and I continued down the wrong path. All of this and more led me to be sent to the Board of Education because I had excessive tardys and absences. The Board of Education had the threatened if I didn’t make a sudden turn around that they would remove me from school and I could possibly be placed in juvenile hall for being truant. To prevent all of this from happening my mother chose to take action on her own, and took me out school and placed me on home studies for the remainder of my tenth grade year.

While on home studies I made a complete turnaround I was making above average grades. I had lost all of my privileges at home, I wasn’t allowed to go out, do anything, and see my friends. All of this reminded me what’s more important, and that is to put my education first. Seeing that I had made a complete change my...
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