A Memorable Event

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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A Memorable Event
An unforgettable performance that I had experienced taught me a lesson. I had had a rock-and-roll band when I was in senior high school. There were four members who were all enthusiastic at music in this band. We had done so many performances but just performed to small groups of people on small stage. Both of us desired to show on big stage where can contain thousands of people. Luckily, the school wanted to hold a big party for anniversary that year. Therefore, they held a musical competition. The band which won the first place in this competition could perform to all the people in school on the celebration day. Without a doubt, we attended the competition right away and practiced day and night. Unfortunately, bad things happened after a few days. We not only failed our first round but also started to wonder whether we can win the first place or not. The feeling of desperation which was like a monster constantly ate our confidence away. We needed somebody standing out and encouraging us to hang on. Finally, our leader did it and transformed such a bad condition. He required us to ask ourselves” what do you really want from the bottom of your heart? ” Magically, the desire of winning restarted to wake us up and regained our confidence. We refused to give up on the half way. Then, we kept going and even practiced harder than before. We solve many problems and tried to make our performance perfect. In the end, we actually won the first place and big passionate applause from audiences. The most important thing was that we make our dream come true. Indeed, we might not win the competition, but if we did not try, we could not have any chance.
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