A Master of Business Administration Degree Will Help to Start a New Career

Topics: Master of Business Administration, Management, Business school Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: May 8, 2011
A Master of Business Administration degree will help to start a new career Lakeisha Dillard
MGT 521
March 16, 2011
Thomas McGinty

The reason that earning a Master of Business Administration degree will help me to begin a new career is that it will reinforce formal education with my existing work experience thereby increasing my marketability and success potential. The degree will demonstrate my dedication to increasing my business knowledge and skills. The MBA degree is an important step to enhancing my credentials so that I can become a better job candidate. It will also help me develop and sharpen managerial skills to allow me to become an effective manager. I plan to use my MBA to move into a career in human resources management.

With today’s job market my MBA will also provide job security because human resources management is a fast-growing career field with many opportunities stemming from its various aspects (MBA Career Opportunities: Career after MBA-Career Path, 2009). The benefits of earning an MBA outweigh the costs. The average cost of an MBA degree is $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 (MBA Programs); whereas the median offer for a MBA graduate in 2010 is $110,000.00. This strongly shows how the hard work to obtain an MBA will reap rewards. I am personally very motivated because I want to exit the front line customer service level. I personally know of other individuals who are pursuing or already have their MBA, which leads me to believe that this degree is one of the most sought after and valued degrees. The Jungian Personality Assessment says that I am sociable, fun-loving, spontaneous, and very generous. It states that possible careers are an events coordinator, musician, ER nurse, fund raiser, or comedian. This assessment describes me very well in correlation to pursuing my MBA and focusing on human resources because I enjoy dealing with a variety of individuals daily. I have a very good memory, am also detail-oriented and very organized....
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