A Marketing Mix Strategy for Main Target Segment of Hacc1

Topics: Marketing, Firm, Construction Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: April 27, 2013
People consider 4Ps as 4 sail of the boat, under the talent control of CEO, it can lead the firm to the success. 4Ps includes: Product; Promotion; Place and Price. Product
- Product variety: Besides concentrating on the main core of segment, this firm also interested in many other kind of market in order to expanse their influence and to adapt the standard model the government guided. - Design: Because of tie down law, and contracts requirement, generally the firm has to obey the design dossier. But in term of construction organization, HACC1 should be flexible in design to improve their ability, this plays a key role to reduce cost and time, increase quantity. - Feature: High quality product, economical, on-time

- Brand: Perennial prestige; High financial-technological-human resources; Built high quality and similar buildings; Warranty of progress. Promotion:
- Advertise: HACC1 should send direct ads to investors, entrepreneur. Or they can use ads panels around construction sites. - Sale force: Professional bidding and finalization staff should be well-educated and trained to increase the probability of winning contracts - Public relations: Improve safety and environmental protection activities, to limit noise, dust, impact to neighbors and to protect company’s image. Before building, the firms should hear the voice of public to avoid many troubles in the future. - Direct marketing: Though functional departments

Although distribution channel is not important for the select segments, but HACC1 should not think little of it - Channels: The firms should focus on close relationship with old customers, building tightly relationship with them in long-term orientated. - Location: Almost through mails, meeting

- List price: Tie-down price in contracts
- Taxes: As the responsibility of the tax law
- Discount: For close, potential customers. However, the firm has to consider carefully deciding what the rate of discount based on their strategies of...
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