A Market-Based Approach to Understanding Communication and Teamworking

Topics: Marketing, Communication, Strategic management Pages: 43 (15145 words) Published: April 8, 2013
A Market-Based Approach to Understanding Communication and Teamworking: A Multi-Disciplinary Literature Review Peters, Linda D. and Keith P. Fletcher. Academy of Marketing Science Review. Vancouver: 2004.Vol.2004 pg. 1 » Jump to full text Author(s): Peters, Linda D. and Keith P. Fletcher Publication title: Academy of Marketing Science Review. Vancouver: 2004. Vol. 2004 pg. 1 Source type: Periodical ISSN/ISBN: 15261794 Abstract (Document Summary) In this paper, we take an interdisciplinary approach to examining communication and teamworking. We have done this by comparing three discipline-based approaches to understanding the effectiveness of organisational groups, and then show how their interrelationship may provide a single approach to understanding communication and teamworking in organisational groups. Our work may benefit researchers in the field of organisational teamworking in that utilising this single approach takes account of important conceptual interrelationships, and may identify new and valuable areas of further research. It may also benefit practitioners in that they may understand better the importance and impact of communication within business networks, and its influence upon marketplace success. This single approach, which we term a market-based approach, highlights the importance of considering networked environments and social systems in conducting marketing research. Our market-based approach rests upon three main principles: (1) to understand communication and teamworking one must adopt a networked perspective; (2) that internal communications (those between employees) are closely linked and have an important influence upon external communications (with business partners, suppliers, and customers); and (3) that reaching convergence and a mutual understanding between network communicators is the primary function of marketing communications within and between organisational teams. We apply this approach to the complex nature of communication within organisational teams, and its impact upon team relationships and performance. We do this because communication within and between organisations impacts directly on marketing effectiveness. Marketing managers must relate consumer needs and project development operations effectively if they are to succeed in developing new and profitable offerings in the marketplace. This places the communication activities of organisational teams and their impact on team effectiveness at the heart of a firm's market-driven behaviour. Specifically, we examine a number of developments within three related areas of research; relationship marketing, communication theory, and organisational learning. We present these as three pathways to our recommendation of a market-based approach in further research. These pathways allow us to put forward nine suggested research topics

that underpin our market-based approach. Through these topics we recommend streams of new research that might fill gaps in our current understanding. We encourage researchers to modify existing theoretical perspectives in order to take account of the increasing interconnectedness of business networks and social systems. In order to clarify the implications for researchers in adopting the approach we have outlined, we then summarise the key issues our topics raise. In addition, we use an example to explore how future research might take account of the observations we have made. Our example is taken from our observations and conversations with managers at one of Europe's largest telecoms organisations, British Telecom (BT). We conclude that the market-based approach suggested in this paper should provide marketing researchers with a number of topics that we suggest could lead to research in communication and teamworking that is both more systematic and more holistic. Utilising a network perspective, it provides us with the opportunity to examine how micro level communications (at the level of the individual)...
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