A Manned Mission to Mars

Topics: Oxygen, Mars, Water Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: January 27, 2011
The United States have been thinking of sending people to Mars because on Earth it has started to get overpopulated. I believe that this is a crazy and very outrageous idea that could get a lot of innocent people killed. I have many reasons at why I think they should not send a manned mission to Mars and I will express them in this essay. First, I think the only solution the government can come up with for our overpopulation problems is to send astronauts and people into for all we know, a ton of trouble. It could also be a very horrible and very dangerous planet which we do not know much about. It is true that Earth is getting to overpopulated but sending them to Mars is not a possible solution until we have successfully explored mars using our high tech devices. If we were to send an unmanned mission to Mars like lets say, a device with a camera attached to it. We could explore part of Mars to make sure that part was safe. Then move the ships there and finish exploring Mars. If the government did this, it would change my mind on this whole manned mission to Mars problem. Like mentioned in the paragraph before this Mars is about the same size as Earth, meaning it would take awhile to explore the whole entire planet, but it is also know that Mars has no places on its surface that would be very easy to inhabit successfully. On the whole surface of Mars there is not a single drop of liquid water. All the water on Mars has been evaporated and turned to steam do to the closeness to the sun. Also, being that close to the sun would cause more than just one problem, the astronauts and people would burn up from the intense hear. Back to the water, it would cause a problem for the people being sent to Mars, without water there is no life. It would take at least nine months to prepare people to be sent into space. The space travel could also take a lot longer because for all we know there could be delays, problems. When it comes down to space you...
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